Giving Thanks + Getting Ready


How was your Thanksgiving? Blessed + beautiful, I hope. Living far from extended family, we spent the day with dear friends–Honey’s godparents and their children. We had another precious family that had to bow out at the very last second because of a child’s illness. (Ain’t it always the way, mamas?) But we did get to bless them with a Thanksgiving meal and our prayers, even if we couldn’t gather around the same table. I feel blessed to have such an incredible faith family to do life with.

For the curious, our menu included Thyme-Roasted Hazelnuts, bacon-wrapped dates stuffed with gruyere, rosemary crackers + sharp cheddar, apple cider mimosas, the ubiquitous turkey, sour cream mashed potatoes (the trick is tossing in more butter and sour cream than you’d ever imagine needing, and then toss in some more!), Mashed Sweet Potatoes, my friend’s coveted green bean casserole (no canned soups required), butter and rolls, cranberry sauce, and two kinds of pie: Ciogga squash + chocolate pecan! Boy were we stuffed, and with plenty to spare for today’s leftovers.

Today, as always, we opted out of Black Friday and spent the day enjoying some unexpected sunshine with a family walk. My husband took the kids through a science lab to identify and categorize rocks (I love when I’m not the only teacher!), then we did a bit of clean-up from yesterday’s festivities, and I got to sit down with a slice of leftover cranberry-orange bread and steaming cup of coffee to perform one of my favorite tasks of the year: planning Advent and Christmas!

Playlists are made (one for Advent, and one for the twelve days of the Christmas season); the Advent calendar is nearly complete. I just have a few final touches and reservations to make. Tomorrow I’m tackling gift-wrapping. My goal is to have all the grunt work done by the time Advent begins Sunday so I can go right ahead and enjoy this season with my family. It really is my favorite time of the liturgical year, and just because I’m Mom doesn’t mean I can’t still enjoy it to the fullest.

May your Thanksgiving weekend be full to bursting with His gifts!

Sweetness + grace,


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