38 Weeks {In Which We All Get the Stomach Flu + See a Play!}


Well, let me tell y’all what’s NOT fun. Getting the stomach flu at 38 weeks pregnant. You want to know what’s even worse? Doing it twice! (The same misfortune befell me during my pregnancy with Spice, although now that I recall, I think I was actually 39 weeks pregnant.)

This past week, a Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Bug rampaged its Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad way through our family of six.

My husband only got it very mildly (thank goodness!) so he was largely able to care for the rest of us. I’ll spare you the gory details, but it definitely involved a full professional shampoo of the van and a carseat that found its not-so-merry way to the dumpster. Oh yes.

I may have panicked a bit. The idea of going into labor with this nastiness was nothing short of terrifying. The idea of going into labor while my husband was down-and-out almost equally so. The good news is, I had some good friends praying for us aaaaaand….we pulled through! Baby still safely in utero, awaiting her debut sans stomach bug.

While not quite as important as the labor, an event that the big kids (and I) have been looking forward to for over a year came around last night: We got to go see Newsies!!!!

IMG_1577 IMG_1570

Okay, so maybe you all aren’t quite as big musical theater geeks as me (remember, this was at one time my career), but taking my kids to see one of my favorite shows–their first time seeing a “real” professional production–was the perfect cap to a long and somewhat rocky pregnancy. And I almost missed it!!! (Curse you, stomach bug!)

Fortunately, I started to turn around just in time to get myself dressed and grab a large bottle of hand sanitizer and a very large water bottle. By the time the curtain went up, I felt much better, and by intermission, I was 100% okay. It was a really special night for my husband and I to share with our two oldest before the new baby arrives, and I am so beyond thankful that it all worked out, even when things looked grim.

Other than that, how’s the end of pregnancy going? I won’t lie, guys: It’s kinda rough.


This lil ol’ body of mine has taken quite a beating going through six pregnancies in 9 years. (We lost our second baby to miscarriage in ’08.) The good thing is, I know that a little rest and PT will put it all to rights once this sweet baby girl is in my arms, and she makes it all worthwhile.

The kids have been champs helping me out by crawling under tables to grab things, using the dustpan for me when I can’t bend down, and all sorts of other little daily sacrifices. Most of the time, they’re even cheerful about it! It blesses my heart to see how much they care for their mama and their new baby sister.

It’s been a bit of a rocky road, but we are blessed. Truly, when I know so many women who have had real, serious health scares, I cannot complain.

I can’t wait to meet this little girl and see what she brings to this family who is already so in love with her. Almost there!!!

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