Demolition Has Begun! {or How I Spent My Weekend}

Living in a split level has its benefits and it’s drawbacks. With our layout, the biggest drawback has been that we have to split our communal living areas between the first floor and the second. This wouldn’t be so bad if the first floor living area wasn’t split yet further into one small room, one awkwardly long and narrow room, and a waste-of-space hallway.

The plan is to remedy this by pounding out several walls and turning the two rooms and the hallway into one big room where littles with too much energy can really move. The end result will be a multipurpose playroom/media room/office. The office space is already taken care of, but the rest we’ll be working out from scratch, and I’m so excited we are finally getting started! (All credit to my husband who, having grown up as the son of a contractor/carpenter/electrician/machinist, is incredibly handy and never more confident than when he has a hammer in one hand and a power tool in the other.)

So without further ado, here are some shots of “before.” (Forgive the very ugly and poorly lit phone photos.)


Okay, okay. So, admittedly, it wasn’t much to begin with. We began (dis)organizing the rooms in preparation for the remodel some time ago, and everything started out as a bit of a mess. Then we got going and it just got gloriously messier!


One wall down, three more to go.

(And after that, it’s just a small matter of drywall, electrical, and flooring before I get to get my hands on the space and start decorating!)

To be continued…

* UPDATE: We took out the other walls!!! (Ahead of schedule = yay!!!)

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