Getting Real Today @ Blessed Is She

Today, I’m hanging out with the #BISsisterhood over at Blessed Is She. Won’t you join us?

We’re keeping it real–and taking one wild leap of faith!


My Bible is a mess. Or Bibles, I should say. Each and every one highlighted and dog-eared, their margins fat and inky, smudged in thought.

See, I’ve always believed that a thing must be used up hard to be made Real.

Do you remember the story of The Velveteen Rabbit, the little plush bunny whom love and tragedy made Real? I can’t get enough of this bittersweet concept: a love that wears us down to lumpy, threadbare nakedness…and the transformation that follows.

Nobody was ever transfigured through preservation. Not nobody, not no how. We were not meant to be museum pieces, our hearts kept under glass–that’s no way to grow Real. And yet how many times do we try to hold firm, petrified of stepping into the strip-down slip-stream of Love? That much? Do I really need to love that much–to be loved that much to be transformed?

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