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While I was “away” on “maternity leave,” I invited some amazing women to come and share their hearts with y’all. The series was such a success, I decided to make it an on-going thing here! Every Thursday, mamas of every stage + season will be dropping in to inspire you with their strengths and their shortcomings–because in this age of Mommy Wars, what we really need is a reminder that none of us can Do. It. All.

Today, I’m thrilled to welcome Adina from Royal Blessings! A fellow homeschooling mama of five who lives right around the corner from my hometown, she is just my kinda people. Welcome, Adina.


Hi there! I’m excited to share a little (tiny) snippet of my life with you. I’ve been married to my husband Ken for almost 12 years and together we have 5 girls ages 10 to 2 yrs. old. (Yes, you read that right…all girls). I am a stay at home, homeschooling mama. My husband is an Engineer and working towards a career in web development.

I know we SAHMs are sick to death of this question, but: What do you DO?

So here’s what I DO. I love Jesus and try my best to put Him first in everything I do. And I try to teach my children to do the same.

I homeschool my girls but for us it is not a schedule that’s carved out of our day. It’s about learning as we go about our day, all day, every day. Something I love to do with my girls is to gather together on the couch and get lost in some amazing adventures through life-giving books. Reading out loud together has become one of our favorite activities.

I blog frequently at royalblessings.com. This is where I share my heart about raising children, being a wife, and living for Christ. I also share yummy recipes and how to live an intentional life. Just recently I have started a fit and clean-eating lifestyle. Exercising and eating right has become a passion of mine and is something I look forward to doing every day.

I do piles of dishes, even more laundry, eat too much chocolate, and still change lots of diapers. But this is my life and I wouldn’t change it for anything .

I love reading aloud, too! For me, it’s just such a great way to center and reconnect with my kids, even when I’m feeling overwhelmed or under-the-weather.

Now, what is it that you DON’T do—because none of us mamas is doing it all, amen?


Well…I don’t cook fancy, gourmet meals. Cooking is NOT one of my favorite things to do, and some days it can be overwhelming for me to even think about having to make something for dinner! So I often make quick and simple healthy meals as much as possible.

I don’t make very many things from scratch (except for bread and homemade pancakes). I don’t really like to spend all day in my kitchen whipping up fancy concoctions, so I’d rather just buy the store bought versions and convince myself I’m still a good mom, he he.

I don’t grow my own food or flowers. Not only do I not have the land to have a garden, but I don’t have a green thumb either. Every time I try to keep even house plants, I somehow manage to kill them. Gardening is not my thing.

And if I’m being perfectly honest here, I don’t wash my floors as often as I should, I don’t bathe my children every day, my house is almost never clean, and I am not nearly as patient with my children as I would like to be. It’s taken a long time, but I have learned to be ok with it. I’ve accepted the fact that I can’t do it all.

Oh, girl. As one black-thumb to another: I feel your pain. And if I’m honest, my kids don’t get baths every day either… Um, yeah. I’m going to leave it there and let y’all assume it’s an every-other-day kinda thing.

Before we sign off here, do you have any advice for your fellow mamas in the trenches?

One thing I have recently established in my life is to “be intentional”. I’ve decided that I’m going to apply this to all areas of my life; physical, spiritual, family, friends, marriage. So one thing I want to encourage you with, is to be intentional with your children. That means allowing them to be a part of every aspect of your life that is practical and sensible. Spend time with them often, let them cook with you, pray with them, let them help you make minor decisions.

Plan vacations together, tell stories, talk about the future and even current events at an age appropriate level. If you are working on a project, let them be a part of it too. All of this and more grows strong, confident, assertive children who may grow up to be our next leaders and fathers and mothers.

Here’s a trick I use in my house so that I can maintain some neatness and order. I have 5 children. I assigned 4 of them each a room of the house that they are responsible for cleaning up every night before they go to bed. One has the school room, one has her bedroom, and two work together to tidy up the toy room. This way the house is neat and organized before I go to bed at night, and when we wake up in the morning. And I can wake up peacefully instead of with anxiety over a mess that was left from the day before. As a mom we can’t do everything.

We have to delegate out to our children or we will lose our sanity.


Boy do I hear that!

Thank you so much, Adina, for sharing your heart with us today. And if any of you, dear readers, have been as blessed by Adina as I have, be sure to drop in at Royal Blessings to say hi. You can also find her on Facebook and Instagram!

We have been blessed by some wonderful voices so far in this series…but there’s still one missing. Yours!
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