I Don’t Do It All ~ Laura

While I’m “away” on “maternity leave,” I’ve invited some amazing women to come and share their hearts with y’all. These ladies will be dropping in to inspire you with their strengths + their shortcomings–because in this age of Mommy Wars, what we really need is a reminder that none of us can Do. It. All.

Today, I’m blessed to welcome Laura to our series! Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I am a 31-year-old wife (for almost ten years) and mother of three here on earth and three in heaven. I grew up in farm. Before I came home, I worked in health care, including working at a disability camp, and various odd jobs during college years. We live in Iowa.

I’m so sorry to hear about your losses. My second baby is our family saint in heaven.

And, it sounds like you and I are in just about the same stage of life. I just turned 32 and my husband and I celebrated 10 years of marriage in December!

So tell us, Laura, what are all the things you do?

I have a small garden. Well, its actually only 4’x4′ plus a few extra potted plants and tomatoes. I also forage and have picked dandelions for a salad! In the near future I hope to make a homeschool notebook that includes a study of how plants from nature can heal and nourish the body.

Two of my children were home-birthed unassisted! That’s led me to a fascination with midwifery.

I study the bible and read positive, encouraging books that appeal to supplying knowledge about self-sufficient living.

I care about modest and comfortable clothing and have sewn a swimsuit for my daughter. I love the idea of up-cycling totes, boxes and what not.

I work hard to be as frugal as possible with food. I buy whole, natural pantry items and make lots of lentil dumpling soup! I plan a day to prepare foods on the sixth day of the week.

I homeschool and particularly love to study and teach astronomy and nature. We sing hymns in our homeschool. I weave baskets out of grass. I play and teach piano.

Lastly, I go on dates with hubby.

A healthy marriage is always an important priority! And I love that you actually do basket-weaving in your homeschool. Now, basket-weaving aside, what don’t you do?

I don’t make holidays complicated.  Its too much.

I don’t get so crunchy that I ignore moral conditions of humanity.  Sure I support clean water and air and such things, but I value people more.

I don’t buy expensive things or plan big vacations.  Frugal and local is the way to go for us.

Simple living definitely has its benefits! Before we wrap up, do you have any last-minute advice for other mamas in the trenches?

Don’t be afraid of people.  Participate in churches, ministries and what not.

Be aware of how you behave in general.  Let that go of anger. Gain wisdom. Avoid bitterness.

If you’re really needing to save money and want to get down to earth: wash clothes by hand.

Two rolling pins tied together serves as a wringer.

You don’t have to pay a gym membership to stay fit.

Lastly, keep life organized, schedule cooking cleaning, reading, play dough times…. Keeping your priorities clear means the things you care about are the ones that get done.

Thank you so much for stopping in to encourage us today, Laura! If you’ve been inspired by today’s post, please be sure to visit Laura at Raggedy Cottage Garden

We have been blessed by some wonderful voices so far in this series…but there’s still one missing. Yours!
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