I Don’t Do It All

In case you missed the news: there’s a new baby ’round here! Best Mother’s Day gift EVER. I won’t lie, I’m kind of in love. Little miss and I are curled up in my mama cave (like a man cave, but with nipple cream, BBC costume dramas, and chocolate), and I couldn’t be happier. But don’t worry, I won’t be disappearing completely! During my “maternity leave,” I’ll be having some incredible guest bloggers drop by to share their hearts with y’all. This first one’s all mine, but…well, you’ll see. It’s going to be so. much. fun!!

“I’m such a horrible mother.”

What woman who has children has not uttered these awful words? We look around at our friends, our blogging heroines, our Pinterest feeds, and we think: “How does she DO it all–when I’m barely surviving?”

Here’s a secret: She doesn’t. (And you’re doing better than you think.)


The truth is that when we look around, especially online, we are often seeing THE BEST of the women we love and admire.

One may be a great cook, another excels at making adorable crafts for her kids. One gal throws the most epic birthday parties, complete with adorable goody bags for each of the thirty knee-high, sugar-high guests. Somebody else has a stellar career or a thriving ministry to manage.

But what do we think we see when we look at all these different, diverse, beautiful, human women?


Oh, Perfect Mom. How we love to loathe her.

She cooks and crafts better than Martha Stewart. Her organizational skills put the FlyLady to shame. Her house is impeccably clean despite her six young children (all in hand-sewn outfits). Her kids’ parties rival your wedding. Every piece of furniture in her house is a DIY success story. Oh, and did I mention she’s now marketing her own line of homemade lotions (made with milk from her homesteaded goats), all while volunteering daily at the local food bank, running a homeless women’s shelter, and providing gratis postpartum doula care for the underprivileged? And boy, does her Instagram feed look pretty!

You know the one good thing about Perfect Mom? She doesn’t exist!

She’s an amalgam of the best of all of us. She’s not even worth striving for because, frankly, God didn’t hand out ALL. THE. GIFTS. to any one mortal. Not even Mama Mary.

The fact is, none of us “do it all.” We each do some stuff really, really well. We each muddle through some of the essentials. We each let some stuff (okay, maybe a lot of stuff) slide.

We don’t need to compare and contrast; it’s apples and oranges, after all. We don’t need to beat ourselves up for the few things we’re lousy at (though striving for personal growth is never a bad thing). The only competition we should ever be in is against our own personal best–and only when we’re up to the challenge.

There *are* seasons when grace is better than growth. (Really + truly.)


For the next few weeks, here at Baking Humble Pie, I’ll be hosting some wonderful guests who have volunteered to bare their hearts and share their strengths + shortcomings with you all. These beautiful women are so inspiring. I’m privileged to call them my friends–and I can’t wait for YOU to meet them!

They’re not here to boast or brag. (Though each of them definitely has something worth bragging about!) They’re showing up to get real about what they do…and don’t do…and to encourage you in your own journey as Mom.

In between, I’ll be posting snapshots of life with FIVE littles! Because, really? Who doesn’t love baby pictures, am I right?

Even in this hazy stage of postpartum exhaustion, I’m so blessed and excited to meet with you in this space. To share my journey. To invite new friends to share theirs. To inspire and encourage you in yours. Because this community? This is one of the things I “do.” And the rest of it? Well, let’s just say a lot will be falling by the wayside for awhile.

That’s the price of priceless relationship.

And that’s okay. Because we don’t, none of us–we can’t do it all.


sweetness + grace,







Are YOU a mom who doesn’t Do It All? (And really, who can?) We’d love for you to share your story here at Baking Humble Pie! It’s easy. (And, no, you don’t have to be a blogger.)

Just contact me with your previously unpublished submission of 500-1000 words, answering the following questions:

  1. Who are you?
  2. What do you DO?
  3. What DON’T you do?
  4. What tips + tricks–or hard-won wisdom–do you have to share?

I can’t wait to hear from you!!

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