Our Humble Home School {Year 6, Week 1}

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Ah, a new school year. Bright eyes, happy mama. Bacon. Shiny books, sharp pencils, pens with points not yet been blunted by an unnamed toddler who may or may not have discovered them and drawn all over the hallway. I mean, um, no. That never happened.

I love starting things. Actually, even more than that, I love planning to start things. Can you tell?

I think I need a 12-step program.

Alas, to misquote Robert Burns, the best laid plans of homeschool mamas (as with mice and men) often go awry. Remarkably, this year’s plan is generally working well for us, but there are still some kinks. So, that’s what we’re doing this week. Unkinking. Holding schedules loosely, holding each other close, keeping our eyes on Jesus, and just plain doing the next thing.

Anyone else? Anybody?

I’m rearranging our routines and trying anew each morning, and slowly, it’s all starting to come together. But, boy! The mental fatigue of moving pieces is a serious drain on this lil ol’ mama brain of mine. So, here are some snapshots from our first week to tide you over until I can clear out the cobwebs enough to tap out a coherent thought!


So far, we are loving all our curriculum picks for this year, and that is a huge win. Also, there was blackberry picking and nature walking and hymn singing and baby snuggling and Anne reading, and there were math gnomes and jewel counting and meals around a table packed with love and kids who couldn’t wait to tell Daddy “what we learned today!”

(Plus, I finally cracked and bought this.)

And I’m calling that a complete success.


  1. Amanda says:

    Thanks for all of your homeschooling posts recently! As a future homeschooler, I am gobbling them up for when my kids are older.

    How do you pick specific texts or curricula? Just read around the Internet for recommendations and reviews?

    • Bethany says:

      Hi Amanda!

      Generally, I have an idea of what I’m wanting (for example, books on Colonial America), and then I start browsing. We tried 2 math curricula before I found one I really liked. Same with science. With history, we hit a hole in one with Story of the World.

      I try to give myself one year to see if I like something and then adapt as necessary. However, I did spend time studying pedagogy and different philosophies of teaching as well as child development in order to educate myself about the kinds of materials I wanted to seek out.

      Good luck as you begin your own journey! It’s so much fun!! I am learning as much as my kids. 🙂

  2. Sandra says:

    Mmmmm….what is in the casserole? Looks yummy.

    I remember when I had a 3 year old who one night did a sleep-walk with a pencil in hand and we woke up to a decorated downstairs hallway and a very blunt pencil (he’d actually poked pencil tip size holes into the drywall!).

  3. laura says:

    I am where you are, bethany! (minus the teeny one). ihave five and my youngest is 2. I am homeschooling 3 of them. It’s a challenge and I am often tired…. keep on keepin’ on…

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