THE Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

Chocolate Chip Cookie Text

I know, I know. Pinterest is bloated with a million of these already. The Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie. The BEST Chocolate Chip Cookie EVER. The One and Only You-are-Dead-to-Me-if-You-Don’t-Die-When-You-Eat-This-It’s-So-Good-I-Would-Sell-My-Firstborn-Child-For-a-Dozen Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe.

But seriously.

This is THE Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe. Period. Enough said. The end.


This recipe comes of nearly two decades (yes, I started the search in my tween years) of culling, mixing, experimenting, swapping, testing, baking, burning, munching, dunking, fantasizing about the perfect cookie, and chucking the ones that didn’t measure up. And just think, all you have to do is try it out. (You’re welcome.) (more…)

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