Humble Pie {a.k.a. Sugar-Cream Pie}

Humble Pie TextWhat else could I post for the inaugural recipe at Baking Humble Pie?

Old-fashioned Sugar-Cream Pie is as humble as they make ’em. Also known as Finger Pie in some places because the cream was stirred into the sugar with the baker’s finger, it’s the dessert desperate farmers’ wives threw together in the dead of winter when they’d run out of apples, but you don’t have to be desperate to enjoy it.

Call it Hoosier Pie, Quaker Pie, or Amish Sugar Pie: Humble Pie is just plain good.

Humble PieHumble PieHumble Pie

Many modern recipes have departed somewhat from the pie’s unassuming roots, adding butter or egg yolks and precooking both crust and filling so that you’re basically pouring a fully-made custard into a fully-finished shell. While this is, in itself delicious, it’s a lot of unnecessary extra work (not to mention dishes to clean!) I’ve returned to the more rustic roots of this recipe, hence the updated moniker.

This humble{r} pie will give you equally good results in a fraction of the time. Bonus: apart from the pie dish itself, all you have to wash is a single measuring cup! (more…)

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