Smashed Potato Skillet

Lest you think I only make sugary sweets, here’s some home cookin’ of the savory kind.


Smashed potatoes are one of my favorite sides. They’re like a baked potato but with more crispy and less dry. Sort of like a twice-baked potato but with less hassle and more humble. You boil potatoes (or in this case, microwave them), pop ’em in some tasty fat, and smash them flat.

I originally learned to make them, as most people do, boiled and transferred to a baking sheet. This recipe pares things down and saves me time on dishes to boot. You microwave the potatoes on the same plate you transfer the bacon to; you cook the potatoes in the same pan you fry the bacon in.

But maybe I’m getting ahead of myself.

Bacon. You should start with the bacon. You should bake the bacon. Oh yeah, I said it. Bake the bacon. (more…)

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