5 Ways Candles Can Make Parenting Easier + Giveaway!

It’s Candlemas! And even if you have absolutely no idea what that’s all about (see here for the awesome details – Jesus alert!) here’s what else it means: It’s Baking Humble Pie’s first ever giveaway!! Woot!!

Today’s giveaway is care of Big Dipper Wax Works.

Disclosure: I am not an affiliate of Big Dipper Wax Works. All opinions are my own. This giveaway is offered with no monetary benefit to me. Just the joy of brightening your day! 

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Growing up, I collected candles. I liked the scented ones best.

I’d save my allowance, and whenever there was a sale at the mall, I’d go and pick out as many apple spice, lavender, and cinnamon-bun votives as I could afford. Of course, I was rarely allowed to light them. My parents were naturally concerned about unattended flames and burn spots in the carpets. We had a policy of strict supervision.

I won’t say I was a pyro (okay, maybe just a little), but I defy anyone to find a kid who isn’t fascinated by candlelight. It’s magical.

Especially in an era superficially alight with the ambient glow of computer screens, cell phones, and televisions, candlelight is elemental. It draws us back to a simpler humanity, one that was codependent with the natural rhythm of a world set apart from our demands and beyond our control. It is centering, humbling, and calming.

But what I didn’t expect (and was surprised to discover) is how powerful candles can be as a parenting tool. (more…)

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