a long-awaited announcement

If you follow me on Instagram, you already know that our family is anticipating a new arrival this spring! I finally made a (very impromptu and very lame) announcement this week over on IG, letting y’all know that I’m 17 weeks and beyond thrilled that God has granted us this gift of another little life to love.

This photo is actually from my 8 week ultrasound. Baby’s quite a bit bigger now – about the size of a bell pepper, according to my handy-dandy pregnancy tracker app.

I had visions of adorable family photos with me holding a little painted pumpkin in front of my belly that said “Due April 2018,” but then LIFE and, well, I wound up with a mirror selfie belly shot in my poorly lit bathroom. Some bloggers offer you glamour and beauty at every turn, but I figure if you’re hanging around here, you’re the sort of person who will let me off the hook. Because you know I just can’t pull off pretty all the time, and you love me anyway. Thanks for that. 😉

So, if you’re wondering why I dropped off the face of cyberspace for the past couple of months, now you know! It’s all for a good cause. The best cause ever! The kind of cause that makes the thought of another unmedicated labor almost bearable and is totally worth sacrificing two solid months of productivity to 24-hour nausea. I know, I make pregnancy sound *so* appealing – but the truth is, I’m grateful. Maybe a little more grateful now that I’m on the other side of morning sickness.

Surprisingly, I thoroughly enjoyed this fall in spite of the near constant nausea and fatigue. We’ve been happily checking off boxes on our Autumn Wish List and enjoying lots of time together as a family. Our homeschool stayed blessedly on track, and we’re all really enjoying our work this year. We also made it through soccer season with two kids playing this year on separate teams, and that is a seriously big win in my book! #notasportsfan #badsoccermom

I’m already looking forward to Advent. (It’s my favorite season of the liturgical year.) This year it holds a special significance, as it always does when I find myself expecting during this season. Everything seems so immediate and yet so far off, so tangible yet so ethereal. There is so much expectation; there is so much hope.

Each day, I try to hold onto the present moment. To rest in Him. To thank him for all the blessings, no matter how much discomfort comes along, no matter how many of my plans must be laid down in the receiving of His gifts. I don’t want anything, not even my own impatient spirit, to rob me of this season: this holy time when I have the great privilege to be everything to some little someone.

We’ll be finding out our baby’s gender just after Thanksgiving. I can’t wait to finally give this precious person a name! I’m so looking forward to meeting him or her, to the magical days of learning who has shared this sacred space of me for 40 weeks. But that is all yet to come. In this moment, I feel the tiny taps of life in my belly. I hold my other children close and remember their beginnings, and I marvel at all that God has done in the span of such short years. Precious years, holy years, trying years, joyful years — all of it, always, amazing grace and undeserved gift.

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