Holy Week Round-Up: Crafts, Treats + Activities for Every Age and Stage

Holy Week Round-up text

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Or it’s supposed to be, anyway. Or something. 

As Catholic parents, we understand that Easter is the highlight of the year, and Holy Week? Well, it’s the crescendo, the climbing action leading to the big culmination–the climax of the Church calendar! We want to share this rising intensity, this somber celebration with our children. We want to pass onto them the reverence, the deep divine intimacy, the surpassing joy.

But if we’re honest, Holy Week is a hard sell to the under-20 crowd.

Tagged onto the tail end of a sober, sacrificial Lent, it just doesn’t hold the appeal of Advent. Not to mention, the rest of the world isn’t celebrating with us, like they do in December. In contrast, you’ve got Christmas, which the secular world harbingers with sparkling displays, cookies, candy, presents, parties, and all the indulgent ingredients of childhood fantasy.

So, how do we usher in Easter in a way that is meaningful to our children? (more…)

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