Remodel Continued + A Pregnancy Update!


Boy, are we busy building ’round here! The remodel is clipping right along. All the walls are out now, studs included, and the electrical is going in. My husband may be having a little too much fun designing the A/V wiring, which he and my father-in-law extraordinaire are running. I, on the other hand, am having entirely too much fun perusing color palettes on Pinterest and performing feng shui in my head.

In other building news: Baby girl is baking away happily. At 26 weeks, she is supposedly nearly 2 lbs, and 14 inches long. My handy-dandy pregnancy app equates this with the size of a cucumber, but I gotta say, any cucumber that size would make one mighty large pickle.


Saturday marked 180 days of pregnancy, which means I now have 98 days to go! (Which probably actually means well over a hundred, but who’s counting?) We’ve got our “IRL” name picked out, and I’m so sorry I won’t be sharing it here on the internet, because it’s so sweet and old-fashioned and just perfect!

And since many of you asked: I’m feeling pretty good. My typical sciatica and heartburn have yet to kick in, and since I got some varicose veins taken care of this summer, I don’t have those to worry about either. I have developed an optic migraine behind my left eye (very weird for me, since outside of pregnancy I never get headaches) which has been unpleasant, but definitely manageable, as they don’t ever seem to last too long. All in all, I can’t really complain. I’m just so excited and grateful for every day I get to spend with this little one turning somersaults inside me!


Prayers for continued health for myself, baby girl, and especially her Daddy would be very much appreciated, because y’know, we’ve got a lot of important building to be getting on with!

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