What Every Homeschooling Mom Wants You {Not} to Say

Maybe you’ve had this happen to you. Maybe it’s just me. Well, no, I know it’s not just me, because I’ve heard other women share similar stories.

Here’s how it goes. You and a friend decide to meet up for some coffee. For her, maybe this requires setting up a babysitter, maybe it doesn’t. Either way, she shows up with the vestiges of her day written on her person. You both do. The difference is that you notice as you look down that the toddler has left a jammy mouthprint on the thigh of your yoga pants. You know, the ones you were forced to wear because none of your regular jeans fit and the maternity ones are too baggy. C’est la vie.

The two of you grab your coffee. You feel a little like it’s a life raft you’re grabbing onto rather than a flimsy paper cup.  (more…)

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