3 Questions to Ask Before Lent {This is How Holy Meets Hard}

3 questions for lent

I know, I know. Didn’t we just get done with Christmas? (Not that I had a Christmas wreath hanging on my door for all those weeks. Not that I just this Sunday finally managed to get off my tush to deconstruct that Christmas wreath so it could be properly composted. And by “get off my tush,” I mean my very sweet husband did it for me. Nope. Didn’t happen.)

But alas! Time keeps zipping along, and let’s face it. TWO WEEKS!! Two weeks from today, we will be knee-deep in Lent.

Just speaking from my personal standpoint here (and I already admitted my Christmas wreath sloth to you all, so you know, take it with a grain), but my most successful Lents have been those that I actually took time to pray over and plan before the ashes hit my forehead. What do I mean by “successful?” I mean a Lent where I felt ready to welcome resurrection. I mean a Lent where I let go enough to let God. I mean a Lent where needs reworked themselves to wants, and the Spirit got all up in my Kool-Aid and showed me another way than my way. A Lent where soul work started and stuck.

I like those Lents. The ones where I draw near and He draws near, and holy happens. (more…)

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