Welcome to the World, Baby Girl!

announcing the arrival of baby


(not her real name — to find that out, come follow me on Instagram)


She was born at home on May 6th at 7:48 am
8 lbs. 3 oz. and 20 inches

This is the very first time I’ve given birth before my due date! I guess she just wanted to spend Mother’s Day with me on the outside. And I couldn’t think of a sweeter gift.

Birth story to follow.

For now, we are resting up comfortably, savoring the good food and kindness our friends have been lavishing on us, and soaking up these precious newborn hours and days. They go so fast.


  1. Lea says:

    Oh Congratulations to all of you!

    She’s beautiful.

    My twins were born on May 7th in 2005 and I always said they were the best Mother’s Day gift I ever received! 🙂

    And HAPPY HAPPY Mother’s Day to you!

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