Welcome to the World

My fourth daughter, Isobel Jane (henceforward to be known on the blog as Cherry), arrived earthside at sunrise on April 22nd: 9 pounds and 21 inches even. It was a precipitous labor, which I intend to write about at a later date. Suffice it for now to say she is perfect. She has the sweetest temperament, and we all adore her. My long absence is due primarily to my jealously guarding these precious baby days. It took me five children and ten years to realize how much I needed to treasure this sixth newborn, to soak up every moment, even the ones where I was exhausted and unwashed and weary. I am so grateful for this time, for my daughter, for the profound and humbling gift of motherhood. Thank you all for your prayers through my pregnancy. They sustained me and, I’m sure, helped to make Isobel’s entrance into the world (and the weeks following) so awesomely beautiful. Thank you, thank you. And thank you for joining us, sweet girl. We are so very happy you’re here.

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